Are you ready to make changes in your life and are not sure how?  Are you feeling stuck?  The fact that you are visiting our practice page suggests that you are considering taking an important and courageous step towards improving your life.

You are demonstrating that you care enough about yourself to want to make changes in your life so that you can enjoy overall peace and well-being.

“Opportunities to find deeper power within ourselves come when life seems most challenging” That beautiful quote is from Joseph Campbell. Our first reaction to pain is often to try to ignore or avoid it. Therapy is a place to gain understanding and undergo transformation in a safe and supportive environment. The process of therapy is different for each client and I will work with you in ways that best suit you.

My practice is devoted to helping you heal, gain personal insight, and find joy and meaning in your life. With understanding and compassion, you are empowered and encouraged to explore your unique personal circumstances. We will deepen an awareness of the relationship between these circumstances and how they continue to impact your life.

While we can’t change the past, together we can come to understand the impact it continues to have on your life so that you can move forward. We will explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and challenge irrational thinking so that you can eliminate limiting and self-sabotaging thoughts.

My approach as a therapist is to create a safe, accepting, empathic and supportive environment for you to work through problems and assist you in finding solutions. I provide a collaborative and strength based approach to assist you in learning ways to strengthen your coping skills and decrease stress. I believe that you have the inner resources needed to solve your issues, my job as a therapist is to provide the support to you in finding your inner strengths and answers to your concerns or problems. I also celebrate diversity and believe everyone has inherent value and worth.

About Me

I am a Licensed Master Social Worker in private practice with training and experience working with children, adolescent and adults.  During the past 14 years I have worked in various clinical settings with individuals, couples and families who have been suffering from issues related to trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction, life/career transitions, relationship issues, as well as with those who have been suffering from loss and bereavement.

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