In my years of being involved with group sessions and one-on-one sessions with parents and their children, I have learned that attention to detail and empathy are critical. Therapy can transform lives. I have conducted biopsychosocial assessments and worked in groups with parents and their children. I have co-facilitated group therapy sessions with domestic violence victims; provided individual crisis counseling, grant research, and assisted in the process of moving the Address Confidentiality bill through congress through outreach, signatures, and emailing Michigan district and state senators. I have assisted families and individuals who have experienced abuse, neglect, and addiction. Whether one is experiencing anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, addiction, dysmorphia, or dysphoria, every individual’s needs are unique. How a person identifies is a critical component of their experience.  It is my passion to provide quality service to the community.

Articles by Maria

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Creating nurturing work relationships transcends the simple act of getting along; it’s the bedrock of your job satisfaction. When you’re in sync with your team, every workday becomes something to look forward to. Imagine relishing the synergy and the collective stride towards efficiency—that’s the hallmark of solid professional bonds. These relationships don’t require your coworkers […]

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