I received my Masters in Social Work from University School of Social Work in 1991.

In my twelve years of practice I have strived to bring a strong, trusting and engaged therapeutic relationship while helping clients to negotiate and find resolution to difficult life challenges. My therapeutic strategies are eclectic but utilize Cognitive Behavioral therapies and Dialectical Behavioral therapy.  I believe in supporting clients with a strength-based, relational style to work toward identifying solutions that are individual to their needs.

My practice focus is clients with depression, trauma/PTSD, anxiety, grief, parent-child issues, anger, stress disorders, low self-esteem, and difficult life changes.  Issues are approached with empathy and openness to assist clients to achieve the ability to identify strategies for living a satisfied life.

As you experience life’s many difficulties – know that real progress can be made in therapy. Finding the therapist you feel you can relate to and be comfortable with is essential for your progress. If you want to make changes in your life and seek a safe, trusting therapeutic relationship …call me.

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