Meet Dr. Sandra Joseph, Ph.D., LLP., CAADC

Clinical Director  | Therapist for Adults in Michigan

“Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us.” Samuel Smiles

This quote nicely summarizes my philosophy of the purpose of therapeutic counseling.  It allows us to see our troubles as burdens we can leave behind, or learn to manage.. Hope can summon a future which allows us to find a life that brings fulfillment, self-confidence, and contentment. Don’t give up your dreams, rather redefine them to find the life that awaits you. I have 30 years counseling experience in private practice, mental health agencies, schools, county, and hospital parenting programs, as well as administration. Let me be your guide to finding the path to that future.

I offer counseling for adults (18+) throughout Michigan via telehealth.  My specialties include anxiety, depression, trauma, loss from divorce/break-ups or tragedy, adult ADHD, risky behaviors, parenting, adults caring for aging loved ones, and recovery from dysfunctional family histories.

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I graduated from Wayne State University with a Doctorate in Clinical-Educational Psychology.  I am a Michigan Limited Licensed Psychologist with extensive experience supporting individuals to manage anxiety, depression, loneliness, relationship problems, dysfunctional behaviors, poor choices in life, and many other personal challenges.  

If any of these examples below resonate with you, I can help.  

Have you found yourself experiencing any of these personal situations… 

  • Feeling stuck or having the same or similar problems over and over again?
  • Lacking trust in others and isolating yourself?
  • Having trouble communicating, expressing your emotions, and connecting with others?
  • Frequently, needing to ask people for advice on even small problems before acting, never taking action, or worse, taking action that makes the situation worse?
  • Being called a perfectionist, bossy, controlling, or too demanding?
  • Taking care of others more than yourself and feeling anxious, depressed, or angry when your needs aren’t met?
  • Losing yourself in relationships and then feeling unloved, guilty, or frustrated?
  • Making people angry and needing to defend yourself even though a) your reasons seem logical, but really aren’t b) you don’t know why you did something; or c) you aren’t able to admit your real reasons even to yourself?
  • Having trouble managing your feelings and later regretting actions that were driven by out-of-control emotions?

Have you experienced Complex Trauma, or PTSD…

Enduring single, multiple, or ongoing disturbing events can deeply affect your well-being.  Whether you suffered loss, childhood neglect, abandonment, physical or emotional abuse, violence or any other traumatic situations, I’m here for you.

We can work together to recover your sense of self, overcome shame and guilt, and develop strategies to relieve your symptoms.

Are Risky Behaviors an issue…

Risky behaviors are multidimensional.  It’s not only the action itself but the underlying issues that drive you to them (e.g., emotional, physical pain, loneliness, isolation, lack of impulse control, excessive anger).

Recovery is possible—you can have a happy and healthy life.  Together, we will identify and address the roots of these harmful behaviors and discover who you truly are.


Every child is unique.  The nature of your child may determine the parenting skills needed to support them.

Whether you are a new or seasoned parent, I can assist you in managing the challenges faced when raising your family.  You will become aware of your parenting habits, gain valuable resources, and improve your relationship with your children while prioritizing their well-being.

I have designed two parenting programs.  The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services provided one of them to numerous families for over 13 years.  

Adults Caring for Aging or Disabled Loved Ones

Keeping up with your own schedule and meeting your needs is tricky, but more so when caring for a loved one as well.  Watching our loved one fade or suffer is heartbreaking. Add to this the financial implications and in the case of an aging parent, relatives and siblings who may or may not help can be overwhelming.

I’m here to listen, provide emotional support, and collaborate with you to navigate this situation while also focusing on your self-care.

Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families

Some parents have difficulty supporting their children because they may not understand the child’s emotional, social, and development needs.  Plus, they may not be equipped to teach effective life skills because they don’t possess them.

If you grew up within a dysfunctional family or were raised by a dysfunctional parent, there is hope.  You are a resilient being.  I can help you gain new insight into yourself, recognize your needs and strengths and learn skills to thrive.

My Approach

I’m practical, down-to-earth, and non-judgmental.

Hope and self-awareness are critical to transcending healing barriers and making changes for a satisfying and purposeful life.  My treatment efforts focus on instilling hope and helping you know yourself on a deeper level so you can reach your goals.

I have experience with psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), schema therapy, motivational interviewing, and other modalities.  Yet, I’m not tied to a particular method.  My approach is eclectic—I use my instincts, experience, and training to help you meet your goals.